I am planning my wedding and I am hoping my day will go perfectly, but I am worried it will go by so fast I will not remember it.
We are here for you. We keep out of the way and record your special day so you can relax, and enjoy yourself.
What better way to chronicle the special moments than with a video that will last a lifetime!

I am just not sure I, or my friends and family who can not making it in, will watch a long wedding video.
While we do make a long wedding video, we also make a short video that our past brides have watched over and over many times because they love the videos.
Friends and family love the short video too, they get a feel of the wedding day.

I hear files can be lost from failed SD cards, how do you handle this?
It is true even the best SD cards can fail. We take ever measure to ensure your videos are backed-up.
We change SD cards often to minimize any lost files when a card does go bad.
We also use more than one camera to ensure your special day will not be lost even when an SD card is.

How do you protect against hard drive failures.
We back up our files on a 2nd drive in the event one does go bad.

How long does the video editing process usually take?
The editing take about two hours for every five mins of video.

When will we be able to see our video.
Most studios take between 3 and 12 months to get your wedding video back to you.
We feel that is unacceptable. We take around 6 week, but most are done in about 4.

When is the payment due?
$100 is due at the time of booking and this will secure your date.
The rest is due the day before the wedding.

Can we pick up music for the highlight video?
We like to surprise the bride and groom with a music selection.
The music we use is based on the feeling of the wedding.
If their is a music type you love or hate let us know and we will work with the type you love and avoid what you hate.

How do you accept payment.
We can take cash, check, or credit card through PayPal.

How do you record audio during the ceremony?
During the ceremony we put one microphone on the groom and one on or near the pastor. We also can connect to the DJ equipment if permitted.

Will you meet with me for a consultation about your services?
Of course, we would be happy to meet with you. We would prefer to meet in Wilkesboro, but we travel for weddings and can work with you.

We don’t want a big production company in the way of our guests.
You’ll actually notice your photographer more than you’ll notice us!
We don’t set up shots, and we don’t have cameras in anyone’s face, so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

Do you offer photography as well?
No, we don’t do photos.
We want to focus on what we do best, telling your story, and we don’t want to water down your experience by trying to offer both.

Do you do a same day edit?
Not at this time for the low price we charge.
We edit on a 32″ screen so we can see the details.
When we are done we may edit it 5 more time to get it just right.

Can you work with our photographer?
Most wedding the photographer will run around take shots from every direction.
We stay out of their way. this is another reason we use more than one camera.
If a photographer is in front of our camera we have it covered.

Will you video any more wedding on our day.
We only do one wedding a weekend.
This give us time to get ready before, edit after, and spend the time needed on your day. We also don’t send your video off to a 3rd party for editing.

We don’t want a massive video camera blocking ever-ones view?
We have you covered, our cameras are about the size your photographer will use.

Why is your price so much lower than others?
We believe in making a living, but not all off of one person, would you really pay someone $11900 for 60 hours of work?
We are charging a low rate of $800- $2500 for a package because we believe in doing more for less and giving people better value for their money. Take advantage of us and get $11900 worth of service, you will be glad you did.