Jason did a terrific job as a videographer at our wedding! His work will allow us to watch our wedding in the future with great detail that captured some of our most memorable moments. Although you can never quite tell the story of a wedding day as clearly as the day you were there, our wedding video will give us the closest thing for years to come. Because we wanted the wedding to feel intimate and not like a movie set, we were a bit hesitant with the idea of multiple cameras. However, Jason did a great job at making his presence feel invisible to the wedding party and nearly non-existent to the wedding guests. He clearly wanted to do the best he could for us and was always looking for the best shots and moments to capture. With his quiet enthusiasm, Jason never felt pushy, nor added any stress to the events of the day. We were also wonderfully surprised to watch the wedding trailer. What a great taste of our wedding day we will get to share with others. His work captured much of the excitement, sweetness, and deep spiritual meaning behind marriage. Thank you Jason Roush!

Krista & Stephen Mitchell

Jason Roush did a FANTASTIC job videoing my wedding ceremony and reception. He also out together a wedding trailer that had my everyone who watched it in tears. If you have a wedding coming up, I highly recommend him to be your videographer!


Jason did an amazing job with our wedding videos! He was awesome to work with with building up to the wedding getting all the details to ensure nothing was missed , expecially on the wedding day! He was there from start to finish. He had his own ideas and was open minded to my ideas and thoughts. He did a video of the whole wedding and a wedding trailer to include all special moments of my day!! His videos will help us remember our special day for the rest of our lives! We will always be grateful for him!


Jason did a fantastic job videoing all the little moments we didn’t even think about. From the rehearsal, all the way to the wedding day and reception. He really captured all the big and small special little moments. And he made everything stress free and easy. And as the bride being the last to come out and with a wedding day always being busy. I was actually able to see all the things I would have missed out on seeing in the video he made us- like my bridesmaids walking down the isle. And all my friends and family arriving. And all of our dances. It really is priceless memories that now we can literally look back on. We were so glad we were able to have him video our wedding and highly recommend him.