My name is Jason Roush. I grew up in the mountains of north west North Carolina. I love to shoot and edit video and I love being creative. I am also a 4 times graduate from Wilkes Community College where I have over 200 credit hours.

My lovely wife Elena is our social media manager and second video shooter. She is very intelligent and artistic. We have three beautiful daughters. Our family enjoys outdoors, making videos and pictures of nature.

We work as a husband and wife team. We do not make videos because we have to. We make videos because we love making them.

Why Roush Video Production

1. We have over 10 years experience. Professional editing and producing.

2. High quality video made on multiple DSLR cameras. Shooting from different angles. Don’t miss your own wedding. Video or remember those toasts forever.

3. All day coverage with all our packages. We arrive when hairdresser arrives to record some preparation.

4. Professional attitude from beginning till late in the day. We are great team players and work well with other professionals.

5. Affordable prices because we understand that this is one of the most special days in your life. We have to make a living but not all off of one wedding.

6. Videos are usually ready within 4 weeks. We do our best to edit videos as fast as we can and ship it to you.